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Daddy's Little Girl

I grew up without a father. I knew who my father was, but we never had a relationship. I may have spoken to him four times (HI’s and BYE’s) in 40 plus years.

I had so much resentment as a kid that eventually I stopped praying for a relationship with him. My mother always told me to respect, love, and pray for him. As a got older, I just accepted our lack of a relationship for what it was.

During the Christmas holiday, I had a dream in which my father was crying. He was hurt that I did not acknowledge him. I woke up from the dream puzzled and trying to decipher what it meant. I prayed to God and asked two key questions. First, how do I process the dream? Second, what do I do next?


God answered my prayers. He said, “Send him a card, sign your name, put your return address on it and continue to prayer for him.” I did what God asked me to do and was blown away by the response. After many decades, my dad sent me a card which had me in tears. It talked about trusting God and forgiveness. After receiving that card, my dad and I have spoken several times. Based on our conversations, you would have thought that my father has always been in my life.

God used prayer to change my heart towards my father and change our relationship. I know God is working behind the scene for this reconciliation. I am so amazed how the prayers I said as a kid are being answered and manifested currently in my life. Before now, I never had a father who wanted to talk regularly or ask questions like where do you work, are you married, do you have children?

I have always been a woman of prayer, but now my prayers are different. I am no longer selfish in my requests and my prayers are now filled with gratitude. I am truly thankful that I have a father who wants to be in my life. Our reconciliation is an amazing testament of what prayers can do.

- Contributed by TE.

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Fiona Harewood
Fiona Harewood
Mar 07, 2019

Prayer is powerful indeed. God is kind like that. The phenomenal thing is once you are ready to call on God, He is ready to hear you, and answer, too! I am glad God fixed you and your dad’s relationship.

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