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Gut as the Holy Spirit

"People often say "trust your gut."  Well, I see that gut as the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit recently led me to boldly go where I have not been before.

I was attending a Summit in New York for authors. Sitting in a training session at the Summit, contemplating my trip back home to bury my beloved brother, the Holy Spirit said to me "Try to gain some media exposure. What better place to start than at home! " I pulled out my phone and texted my youngest brother in Guyana. He had no media connections, but I strongly urged him to work on getting me media interviews.

The Sunday after my brother's funeral, two of my other brothers and I went to church with our mother. After church, I saw one of my brothers speaking with a gentleman. The Holy Spirit said to me, "approach him and ask your question."

This is how the conversation went: 

Me:  Hi: Sorry to butt in, I am Fiona, Collin's sister. You look affluent! What business are you into.

Dwayne: (Laughing) Manufacturing.  I deal in soap powder and other cleaning stuff.

Me: Oh!  That's nice but that's not the type of business personnel I am looking for.

Dwayne: Okay . .. What type of business person are you looking for?

Me: I need some media exposure.

Dwayne: Reaching for his cell phone in his back pocket, he said, Paul should be able to do that. Why do you want media coverage, what is going on?

Me: I pitched Dwayne in less than 30 seconds about my book, I Did It . . You Can, Too!

Before even realizing it, Dwayne was having a conversation with Paul about me. 

Dwayne:  Okay, I will give her your number. Oh! You can interview her tomorrow? Good, I will let her know.

After hanging up the phone, Dwayne turned to me and said  "Add Paul's number to your phone and call him this evening. He said He should be able to interview you tomorrow." Didn't somewhere in the bible say, . . ."Ask and it shall be given?" Yes, it did in Matthew 7:7.

I was beside myself, giving God praise for opening doors for me. Ironically, Guyana is my home country and I travel there often. My book was out for seven years and I have NEVER one day try to get publicity in Guyana.  However based on the Holy Spirit's guidance and using what I learned at that Summit, I landed my first ever TV and Radio interviews!  God is awesome in everyway. All we have to do is trust and obey Him. He will make the "impossible" possible."

- Contributed FH

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