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Irreparable Hurt

It is the last day of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Looking back, I can truly say Prayer Saved My Life. There was a time I thought I knew more than my parents and had no problem going against their rules. At sixteen, they advised me against relationships and told me to put my studies first. Failing to listen to their advice, I ended up with two failed marriages and a broken relationship. 

At one stage of my life, I thought I would have died at the hands of my ex who suddenly turned into a paranoid stalker. There were times I wondered where did the love go. I tried to understand how two people so much in love at one stage of their lives can turn around and for the most part, inflict irreparable hurt. I remember suffering so much in my relationships that I used to pray, asking God to help me to get to a time in my life when I would be able to look back at those bad times and smile. 

Somebody said, the children are the broken pieces in a broken marriage. And yes, my children suffered with me, but today I can thank God for seeing us through those rough years. It is because of His goodness and mercy I am able to proclaim I am a survivor, triumphing over years of abuse  ̶  physical, financial, sexual, emotional. I thank God for healing because those pains doesn’t linger any longer and sometimes it feels like it was a dream. 

That’s how healing feels and that’s what prayer does. My prayer is that this epidemic within our society will be eradicated and every man, woman, boy, girl would be able to live the life God has intended for them. 

By Fiona Harewood - Author


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