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Remember: Book and Prayer Journal & Memory Funzzlers 

Remember... And Never Forget!












Scriptures urge us to never forget who God is or what He has done for us. Remembering is not only about our memories. It’s also about learning from our mistakes, having a renewed mind-set, and living a mission-driven life.

Embrace The Past, Become Empowered!


Terrific and traumatic experiences from our past can become etched into our minds and hearts. What we do with those memories is pivotal. We’re given a choice – either be enslaved by the past, or empowered by God’s love. What will you choose?

Whether you’re trying to forget your past, relive your glory days, or figure out the future, this book is a must read!


Remember is biblically based, packed with unforgettable stories and enriched by extraordinary encounters. It reaffirms the life-changing lessons that we should never forget.


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Remember Prayer Journal & Memory Funzzlers
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S-Factor: Book and Prayer Journal  


Salvation Is A Free Gift, Unwrap It! 











We are all sinners prone to selfishness, secrets, and schemes. In spite of who we are, or what we’ve done, God can deliver us from sin. His unfailing love can break our dysfunctional heart-ties. His amazing grace will lift us out of destitution. His matchless mercy often snatches us from the jaws of death.


Salvation – Life’s Most Important Factor!


Salvation is the saving of our souls from sin and its consequences. Are setbacks, struggles, and sorrows causing you to doubt God or reject His gift of salvation? If you need deliverance or tangible evidence of the power of prayer, then look no further than S-Factor!


S-Factor reminds us that we’re sinners saved by the sacrifice of a loving Savior.

SFactor Prayer Journal Front Cover Small

Overcomer: Book and Audiobook


When Failure Is Not An Option! 












Is your life filled with conflict or chaos? Are you fighting daily to survive personal,

professional, and spiritual storms? The battles we face often leave us with

injuries and scars that only prayer can heal.  


If your life is challenging, but you are determined to overcome- this book is for you!


Prayer Is Powerful! 


Through personal examples and biblical stories of trials and triumphs, discover how prayer strengthens us in our moments of weakness, inspires us in our seasons of doubt, and reminds us who we are even when we don't think highly of ourselves. 


This book will illuminate how prayer can turn mistakes into divine masterpieces, and fears into unshakable faith.

About The Author

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Bridgette Bastien is a child of God, a wife, and a mother of two beautiful daughters. She feasts on the Bible and has playdates with her prayer group three times per day. She loves traveling the world, eating spicy foods, and basking in the warmth of love from family and friends.


Bridgette is the author of five books including two prayer journals. Her latest book, "Remember," was released in October 2022. She previously published the books, "S-Factor" and "Overcomer" within the series “Prayer Saved My Life.” Writing a book was never on her bucket list, until she was snatched from the jaws of death. After going through that experience, Bridgette refuses to quench her burning desire to share and celebrate the saving grace of God with others.


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