Life.... The Tests and Testimonies.

We have all been tested in life and many of us have the scars to show it. Most of us do not like being tested, but there is “No Testimony without a Test.” I use to complain during my testing period and afterward conceal my testimony. I concealed it out of guilt, shame and because "Telling Your Business" is frowned upon.


God has challenged me to praise Him instead of complaining during the storms of life. I have learned that sharing one's testimony is personally therapeutic as well as uplifting for others. The testimonies shared here are to strengthen us in our moments of weakness, inspire us in our seasons of doubt, and remind us of who and whose we are in a world that sometimes obscures our self-image. 

Owning it
with pride.
Anne, Smiling Through Depression 

"I have lived with depression my entire life. Can you imagine from September through March every year, having seasonal affective disorder (SAD)? The lack of sunlight can make me extremely fatigued. I have trouble concentrating and at times I'm incapacitated.


I have lost two family members to suicide. Being depressed and dealing with the death of loved ones can be a very lonely and defeating experience. Despite the struggle, I decided that hiding in the shadows wasn't going to help me, or others get better. Last year, I have begun to speak publicly about my depression and mental health challenges. If you need help like me, ask for it!"

Sharing it
to make a difference!

"I started drinking at the age of 14 because my sister's father was pressuring me to drink. I initially did not like getting drunk, but after a while, I did not need peer pressure. I was drinking more often on my own. As I got older, I started smoking marijuana and even tried smoking crack. I quit crack faster than the other drugs. Taking drugs for me was about having a good time and hanging with my friends. I was not physically addicted (no withdrawal symptoms when I stopped), but definitely physiologically addicted to drugs. Physiological addiction was powerful and had an effect on my mind, body, and spirit.


I am thankful to God that He was so patient with me. Even after I gave my life to God, I went back to drinking. I tried quitting many times, but I kept on going back because of the addiction. One day, I got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I prayed to the Lord and He removed my desire to drink. I have been sober since mid-November 2010. I have not touched any alcohol since that time. 


Some people do not believe in prayer, but I am living proof that prayer works. God did not give up on me all those times when I backslid. I finally learned how to rely more on the word of God rather than the liquor. I am sharing my story because I do not want others to go through the same struggles I did. If you are struggling with any type of addiction, give your life to God and trust that He will deliver you just like He did me."

Michael, No Longer Sick and Tired 
"Prayer does not bring God down to us. Prayer brings us up to Him."
(Source: EGWhite - "Prayer") 

"Joy and laughter captivated our minds as we planned for the expansion of our family. We waited 6 years before trying to have a child. Little did we know that fear and worry would soon replace the happiness that permeated our home. We were about 5months into the pregnancy when our OB-GYN called us about our ultrasounds results. The doctor recommended that we re-do the test and complete a Nuchal Translucency test to determine if our unborn baby had Down Syndrome. 


We were driving when we got that call and our world stopped! We could not breathe. I was unresponsive as the doctor gave his advice. My husband tried to be strong for me because I was crying profusely. Everyone has a breaking point and this was also the breaking point for my husband. He too burst out crying at which point we had to pull over on the side of the road. We were both crying while we cried out to God.  


I was panicking and worried as a plethora of thoughts ran through my mind. I had many questions - Why us? Why did this happen? How would I face the world? We wanted a healthy child. As a social worker, I experience each day the challenges families face when children have disabilities. I had the skills needed to care for a child with a disability, but my heart broke at the thought of it. As we waited on the results from the second set of tests, we recruited prayer warriors, elders, and pastors to pray with us for a miracle. We prayed with our family several times a day. The song "Last Thread of Hope" and Psalms 91 comforted us through our ordeal.


Our prayers ascended to heaven and God smiled upon us. The Nuchal Translucency test results confirmed our baby was going to be healthy. We were ecstatic and once again we cried, but this time they were tears of joy. We named our baby girl, Crizanae Jadyn. Jadyn means "Jehovah hears" because God did hear and answer our prayers. My family will forever be grateful. We believe in miracles!"

Crizanae, Miracle Baby 

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