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Removing Mountains

Updated: Feb 9, 2019

God will remove any mountain and make a clear path for us.

A new church was built, but they could not open their doors. The Fire Marshall refused to approve the church's grand opening because they did not have enough parking space for the parishioners. The pastor told the brethren about the problem and asked if they believed in prayer.




The pastor requested that everyone who believed in prayer meet at the church. Out of a congregation of 300, only 24 people showed up for the prayer session. They prayed from about 7pm to 10pm that night. The next day a man in a hard hat came by the church asking if they were willing to sell the mountain behind the church.

The foreman explained they needed extra dirt for a land fill. The pastor said, "Yes" and sold the mountain. The construction company not only removed the mountain, but also paved a new parking lot behind the church. The church grand opening was approved and the members were able to worship.

- Contributed by HV.

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2 commentaires

Fiona Harewood
Fiona Harewood
11 mars 2019

Talk to me about God and how He comes through when we pray! Although at times before we even get to praying for the situation He shows up with the answer because He promised that before we call He will answer! Isaiah 65:24


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