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2023 Worcester Women’s Leadership Conference
Speaker Application Submission

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Bridgette Bastien is a strategic, innovative, and client-focused leader. She has had proven success in delivering strong results for world-class companies. She is passionate about mentoring talent and developing highly effective teams. 


Her professional career has entailed strategy, product development, marketing and communications, project management, pharmaceutical research, and portfolio management. She has worked for renowned companies like BCBSMA, CVS Health, Aetna, Pfizer, and Merck. In Bridgette's current role, her team develops and executes marketing strategies that drive critical enterprise initiatives.


Bridgette is also the author of five books including two prayer journals. Her latest book, "Remember," was released in October 2022. She previously published the books, "S-Factor" and "Overcomer" within the series “Prayer Saved My Life.” Writing a book was never on her bucket list, until she was snatched from the jaws of death.


After going through that experience, Bridgette refuses to quench her burning desire to share and celebrate the saving grace of God with others. She is very active in her church, intentional about making a difference in her community, and committed to positively impacting the lives of those within her sphere of influence.


Session Topic: How to create an environment that fosters Joyful Joining instead of Quiet Quitting

Audience: Those Wanting to Be Valued While Adding Value At Work

Summary: The “Quiet Quitting” concept is not new, but it’s been trending on social media over the past year for several reasons. Many employees are mandating a more balanced approach to work. They want to be valued as much as the company’s bottom-line. There is a tipping point between always bringing your “A” game to work and being burnt-out. Before the scale gets tipped, each of us have a role to play. This session will provide valuable tips and tools to help those who want to remain or become “Joyful Joiners.” It will also help motivate attendees to live their professional and personal life to the fullest.