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Divine Delay

My wife, two children, and I were on our way to Boston at noon yesterday in the middle of the storm. Both my daughter and wife had a 2:43 pm flight with a connection in Charlotte. The flight was on time. The roads were really bad. Thank God for the Subaru. We got halfway there when my wife realized she forgot her computer. We contemplated what to do. We could turn around, but the storm was pretty bad. There was no guarantee of going back home and making the flight on time. We thought about calling my brother to get the computer bag and meet us at the airport. We thought about overnight shipping the computer. We called my brother and he also suggested that we shipped the computer. So we drove on.

We were considering the efficiency of the overnight shipping during a storm when my wife decided to change her flight, but allow our daughter to travel by herself to ensure she gets to her destination on time. We got to the drop off area at the airport, had our daughter's luggage on the curb, and we were saying our good byes when our daughter, with tears in her eyes, said she didn't want to go alone.

We all said okay, and got back in the car. We decided to get some food via takeout and then drove home. The roads were really bad. The car was slipping and sliding. I slid past my turns several times, each time having to take an alternative path. We got home by the grace of God without a scratch.

My wife and daughter changed their flights for Wednesday without any extra costs, thanks be to God. After eating and relaxing, I felt the urge to check the flight status and found that their 2:43pm flight didn't take off until 9:23pm. Had they checked in for the flight and waited at the gate, they would have been stuck at the airport for almost seven more hours, missed the connection in Charlotte, and have to spend an overnight in Charlotte. What a traveler's nightmare that would have been. What a mighty God we serve. My wife has never forgotten her computer while traveling before. All things worked together for good for those who love God. Romans 8:28

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