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We Don't Pray Enough!

You heard me correctly. I am convinced that we face many challenges and face them longer than we have to because.... we don't pray enough. I've been struggling to find the right application to transcribe some audio tapes into text. Yes, there are several companies and applications that do this, so it shouldn't be that difficult of a task. However, most of applications require significant payment and/or want you to be locked into a commitment for several months.

I spent over two months doing research and asking the various tech subject matter experts I know for a solution, but to no avail. A few weeks ago, I got desperate and decided I would just pay to get it done. Afterall, I had spent several weekends doing research and testing out different applications. There seemed to be no other way, but to pay a considerable amount to complete this task. One of my main concerns with paying for the transcription was not knowing beforehand the quality of my audio tapes. I didn't want to pay and get back pages of gibberish.

As I was sharing my woes with a friend, she began to pray. I didn't ask her to pray, but I welcomed the intercession on my behalf. I was indeed burdened by this simple task that had consumed the last few months of my life. While she was praying, the Holy Spirit said to me, "ChatGPT for audio." The words were as clear as a sunny day. As she ended her prayer, I thanked her and we hung up the phone. I grabbed my computer and typed in those exact words - ChatGPT for audio. Within an instant, Google returned several search results. The top one had in bold "free and no credit card required for use." I smiled as I clicked on the link because it was exactly what I needed.

Twenty minutes after setting up an account and reading through the necessary instructions, I had transcribe all the audio tapes in my possession. What I couldn't do in 2 months, I did in 20 minutes because someone prayed for me. I was torn between praising God and feeling guilty for not praying myself. After the emotional rollercoaster, I sat back and reflected on the goodness of God. I had to admit, I don't pray enough. As children of God, we don't pray enough. The Bible says, "Pray without ceasing." 1 Thessalonians 5:17 And Jesus set the example of how and how often we ought to pray, but we fall short when we try to walk in His foot steps.

I pray a lot. I pray several times per day by myself and with my prayer group. However, I really don't pray enough. This audio transcription issue is proof of that fact. I am eager to pray about things I consider "big problems." I pray over and over when I'm trying to get solutions for "major issues." I also pray when others are in need. But I don't always pray for things I consider small or mundane. For "insignificant issues," I try to fix them myself without divine instructions or help. I sometimes feel like I am bothering God with simple stuff and He has bigger problems to deal with. Can you relate to this mentality?

What would happen if we prayed without ceasing? If we prayed for everything and every moment of the day. This experience reminded me that if I truly prayed without ceasing, I would have saved myself months of frustration. I am grateful for my friend who didn't hesitate to pray. I am grateful for the Holy Spirit speaking to me and giving me the answer to my friend's prayer in real time. I've been reminded of a powerful fact. God loves me so much that nothing I am going through is considered small or mundane in His eyes. I am now more determined than ever before to pray without ceasing. What about you?

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