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If My People...

I cannot😶really put into words📃what it was like to be part of this experience, but i will try. The Holy Spirit was with us throughout the entire day. This was evident by the prayers🙏, testimonies🥳, confessions😭, intercessory devotions📃, praises🙌, thanksgivings😃, scriptures📖, and songs🎶.

We stayed connected for over 1️⃣4️⃣ hours as we prayed for the world 🌍 and all those impacted by the #coronavirus. Most of us fasted🚫for the entire day. Some people sacrificed a full day of work👷‍♀️. Others joined the conference line📞as their schedules permitted them. There was never a lull in the presence of God ✝️during those 14+ hours. While we were praying🙏, prayers were being answered🤳 and live reports were coming in from across the world🌍. While we were praying🙏, other urgent requests 🆘️were flowing in rapidly. While we were praying🙏, our spirits were lifted and heaven 🌌storehouse of blessings were being emptied on us👫👫. The experience was so good that when the 14+ hours🕕 were over, we didn't want to stop🛑. In fact, we went almost 15 hours together. When we finally left the conference line📞, many of us continued worshipping🙌 separately in our own house🏡 and began sharing in a group chat. My spirit is still high and lifted 🆙️ this morning. I have no doubt God heard our cry 😭and will answer our prayers by and by. Without hesitation, we obeyed God's call ☎️to be HUMBLE, to PRAY, to SEEK, and to REPENT as noted in 2 Chronicles 7:14. "If my people👫👫, which are called by my name🏷, shall humble 🛐themselves, and pray🙏, and seek🔎 my face, and turn ↩from their wicked ways; then will I hear👂from heaven, and will forgive their sin💣, and will heal👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️ their land🌏." We now joyfully await His "THEN I WILL." Until THEN, we will continue to pray because only PRAYER can SAVE our LIVES! #PSML #PrayerandFasting #14hours+ #PraisingGod #ThankingthePSMLfam

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