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Reggie Brown - "Great Day To Be Alive"

I enjoy every day like it’s my last. Earlier in my life, I was so busy doing other things that I didn’t have time to pray. Now, my prayer life is so much better.

I wake up at 3:00 AM to talk to God; and when I pray, He reveals my purpose. You see, my gifts and my purpose are different. Some people don’t get that, they think their gift and their purpose are the same. They are not. I know my purpose and my life is so much more pleasant now that I am spending time in prayer and listening to God.

Every morning at 6:30 AM, I go to the same alcoholic anonymous meeting. I have never been an alcoholic, but I did more drugs than you can image. I played professional football for seven years. When I stopped playing, I use more drugs. When the money ran out, I used other things. For 20-30 years, I could not find a way out.

I didn’t know how to get out. I tried to hide my drug use. People around me knew about it, but they wouldn’t say anything. I went through drug programs after programs, but no program could stop me from using drugs because I enjoyed it. It is only by the grace of God that my desire for drugs is no longer there. My book, “What Happened To The Playbook,” tells the complete story.


I wrote the book because so many people think football players are one dimensional. They think “You make a million dollars, drive a nice car and buy a big house.” They do not know the other side of it. I share the dark side with kids when I speak with them on a regular basis. I tell them the truth. I admit to doing drugs, but also let them know that experience is not always the best teacher. They should not follow down the same path.

Ironically, I did all these things while going to church. I knew about God, but I did not know who He was. I went to church on Sunday, but I didn’t know and couldn’t tell anyone what the pastor was preaching about. There was a lot of hooping and hollering, but I wasn’t learning anything about God. When I started to go to a Seventh Day Adventist church, I finally began understanding the Word of God.

I was able to ask questions and was guided by the Elders of the church. I recently got baptized and now belong completely to God. In my life, I have been used by so many people, but no one can use me again. Only God can use me. I am excited about the relationship I have with God and I tell everybody about it. I am a Seventh Day Evangelist. I evangelize every day of the week and that is why it’s always a “Great Day To Be Alive.”

- Contributed by RB.

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