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Angel On The Plane

We were at the airport three hours early, but I wasn’t able to feed my daughters. None of the restaurants or cafés were open at that time in the morning and I had forgotten the girls’ snacks on my Grandma’s kitchen table. I felt like the worst mother ever as I watched my daughters pull their luggage throughout the airport knowing they hadn’t had breakfast. With all the maternal guilt crushing my spirit, it’s no surprise I didn’t recognize the angel sitting in our row on the plane.

Hebrews 13:2 says, “Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.” Even nowadays, “Many believe that angels are still among us. Their very name "angel" means “messenger,” and we can be assured that when they’re here, they’ve come for a very specific purpose. For throughout history, angels have been sent by God to bring a message of hope, to protect, comfort, serve, carry out His judgment, and to give Him praise. There are people who have had encounters with angels in our world even today. Maybe some are aware of these angelic meetings. Maybe others have no idea they’ve walked or possibly talked with an angel.”[1]

I had no idea we were sitting next to an angel. Nevertheless, my daughters and I were protected, comforted, and served by him during the flight. I remember trying not to doze off, but I was out like a light right after getting the kids settled into their seats. It was a restless type of sleep. Every 15-20 minutes, I would jump out of unconsciousness and scan the seats to make sure my daughters were okay.

I was initially wary of the stranger next to us, but soon realized he was our very own guardian angel sent by God. Many times, God sends angels to minister to us. They’ll appear during times of pain, loss, fear, despair or danger. Have you ever had an encounter with an angel? Would you easily recognize an angel if they appeared before you?

- Excerpt from the book, Remember (Chapter 1: Surprises)

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