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Chocolate Ice Cream Tears

As I sat on the museum bench eating ice cream with my daughters, I started to tear up. The moment of being with them and bonding left my heart so grateful that I could not help but cry and praise God over my ice cream.

I had prayed for so many months before this moment for freedom and the ability to spend quality time with my girls. I was enslaved in my previous job with no ability to see pass the day to day grind. Even the weekends were torture as I anticipated starting a new week.

God answered my prayers in manner I could not have foreseen. He set me free from enslavement and allowed me to walk away from my job without any financial burdens. Sitting on that bench, my heart melted for being able to enjoy the blessings I did not deserve. The Bible says in John 8:36, "Who the Son sets free is free indeed;" and at that very moment, I felt like I could fly with the weight off my shoulders.

If you are feeling tied down, enslaved, overwhelmed, or utterly stressed out by the circumstances of life, remember that your freedom is in Christ. God sees your tears and already has a plan in place for you too to praise Him whether its over chocolate ice cream or your favorite ice cream flavor.

- Anonymously Submitted

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