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Conquering COVID-19

May 12th, I was admitted into the hospital with COVID 19 and a severe case of Pneumonia. I was let out of the hospital after day 3 on a prescription of only antibiotics because I’m 27 weeks pregnant and there’s nothing else I can really take.

5 days later my mama had to call 911 and have me rushed to the hospital because I couldn’t breathed. Nobody could go with me and this was my second time leaving my babies and seeing the sad look on my oldest face made it even worse.

On Day 2 of being in the hospital, things got really scary. My oxygen level continued to plunge. I couldn’t call or let anybody know what was going on because I was on medicine to help me relax! I was immediately given plasma from a recovered COVID survivor. If that didn’t work in the next 24 hours, it was emergency C-Section to take my 29 week baby so they can further take care of me and place me on a ventilator.

But GOD!

The next day I started to feel better and better. They slowly took me off oxygen and I was able to finally breathed on my own after day 5 in hospital! My baby wasn’t affected by any of it AT ALL! On June 15, I was admitted back into the hospital AGAIN at 33 weeks pregnant, but this time in labor.

I didn’t wanna have a 3rd preterm birth but my body just wouldn’t allow him to stay in. I was put on magnesium through IV from Monday till that Thursday morning. They finally took me off and nature was able to do it’s own thing! On Thursday, June 18, 2020 at 3:52 pm, I gave birth to a 5lb 12oz baby boy named ACE KARTER 💙. He is perfect, especially after all him and I had been through with this pregnancy!

This whole experience has taught me that life is too short, and there is a GOD who is always ABLE! I’m so thankful for my support system especially my mama and grandma. They kept my kids and my mama was back and forth coming to the hospital to be with me!


- Submitted by AK.

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