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Have you ever been in a place (situational or physical), having mixed emotions about that place but not quite sure what to do.

I had mixed emotions about my house. The only thing keeping me 'there' was familiarity? I reasoned about the potentials that my house had, how I could make improvements, help others, get a passive income, etc. At the same time, there were so many things wrong with my house that I knew whatever improvements I had in mind were going to be a long way off (but I kept hoping...).


I found myself getting upset about everything regarding my house. For example, neighbors taking their dogs to other people's homes (including mine) to use the toilet, the lack of concern by the city regarding plowing the neighborhood during the winter season, etc. I was also behind on my mortgage, aware of predatory lending in my situation, and worried about certain things in my 'contract.' I asked God to show me what to do.

I prayed: "God, please give me a specific answer...."!

The long and short of my situation is that God allowed the house to be foreclosed and provided a much better living situation (where I am no longer paying rent)! I never thought I would be happy about a foreclosure. However, I have learned that God's answers might not be what we're looking for but definitely what we need. He cares that much for us.

- Contributed by EM.

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