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Do as You are Told!

On Sabbath, October 21, 2023, I returned from church and the Spirit of God told me to prepare the Sabbath School Lesson for Sabbath, October 28, 2023, because "You will be teaching the lesson." Although doubtful, I went ahead and prepared. 

After I was finished preparing, the Spirit of God told me to send a message to the head deacon that I would like to participate, I have sat too long. The deacon asked me what I had in mind. The Spirit told me to write Mission Story, teach Sabbath School lesson, get involved in hospitality or any area that help is needed. He asked if I could be superintendent for Thanksgiving weekend, to which I responded, “I will not be available.”

Throughout the week, the Spirit of God keeps reminding me that I will be teaching the Sabbath School lesson. While I was speaking with a friend, on Sabbath morning, I was once again reminded that I will be teaching the lesson. I looked at the clock and realized I was running late, so I bade my friend goodbye and told her we will catch up another time.

I quickly got ready and ‘ran’ off to church. By the time I got there, it was 9:15am, which is considered late based on when they start church. I said to God, “See, I am late, so it will not happen.” However, I went into the sanctuary, ran to the bathroom, and was on my way to my seat. The head deacon met me with a Mission Story book and said he was going to ask me to do it, but someone else said he/she will do it. “Okay”, I responded.

I sat for approximately half a minute when the head deacon came and knelt beside me. His words were, “I know it is a very last minute, but can you please teach the Sabbath School lesson? I am very sorry, but you said you would be willing to teach it, so can you please?” I immediately started to smile, because I realized that God “got me”, again. He always wins! Thank God for that.

The deacon told the congregation that he just asked me to teach the lesson, so… and I did not hear the rest of what he said. I immediately became nervous and breathed a prayer to God for His coverage. When I stood up, I had to testify that all this was orchestrated by God from October 21, 2023 when He told me to prepare to teach the lesson. I am one who likes to argue with God, but I know He always wins. I also thank God for His patience with me. I am asking Him to help me to “just do it!”. Just do as I am told.

Although I was a bit doubtful, the Lord still prepared me to do the task. He did not allow me to stand before the congregation and embarrass myself.  What a merciful, caring, loving God I serve!

John 14:29 says, “And now I have told you before it comes to pass, that, when it comes to pass, ye might believe.”

- Submitted by VM

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