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Empty Cup

This morning, I cried.

I felt STUCK! Stuck in my family, stuck in my relationship, stuck on my job, stuck in life. I felt unappreciated in all aspect of my life. I was being used and used up by everyone for their own benefit. As my energy depleted, I felt like no-one cared to ask, "How are you?" or "Do you need anything?" or "How can we help you?" Everyone had their hands out waiting to receive something from me, but it's impossible to pour anything from an empty cup.

I know it's impossible because I've tried it. I've tried getting that last drop of tea or juice from a cup. It's challenging, time consuming, and often leaves me unsatisfied. I wasn't in a good place this morning. I needed something different. I needed to something more. I needed to be replenished. I needed sometime away from all the demands. I needed rest!

With this "woe is me" mindset, I decided to open my heart before the Lord and I cried. Before the tears began to dry, I was reminded of Matthew 11:28. It says "Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." This verse was a breath of fresh air! I felt the chains of oppression and depression loosen and break. I began to receive "living water" in my empty cup.

I went to the Lord because I felt heavy laden by everyone and everything. He spoke life into my spirit and revealed how to get the rest I so desperately needed. Do you need to REST?

Reconnect with God

Experience His Love Sanctify Yourself Trust Him Wholeheartedly

Thank you Jesus, for being our resting place. It is only after we rest, that our empty cups can be refilled and we can pour into others. Take the time you need to rest in the Lord. He is waiting for you.

- Submitted by Anonymous

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