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Gasping For Air!

I witnessed someone almost died last night...

My family and I were having dinner when we heard a commotion. We looked toward the opposite side of the restaurant and saw a young boy trying to do the Heimlich Maneuver. As a long blonde hair lady gasped for air, the young boy struggled to get his arms around her waist ( he was way too small to reach her chest). Someone then yelled, "She is choking" and several of the waitresses started going toward them.

Another customer rushed to their table, gently pushed the young boy out of the way and began the Heimlich Maneuver again. It felt like an eternity but eventually something came flying out of the lady's mouth. She then gasped for air which caused almost the entire restaurant to burst into applause.

The lady who was previously choking was now bright red staring at the customers with a look of shock on her face. The young boy also began looking around the restaurant very confused at the response. The hero lady who saved the day slowly went back to her table without any fuss.

As I watched from a distance, I was reminded that life is so short. One minute you are enjoying dinner. The next you are helplessly facing death. One minute you are laughing with your family members. The next you can't breathe and struggling to get others attention. This is life - it's unpredictable and sometimes scary. However even in our most scariest moments, God is there! He always sends the right people at the right time to help us maneuver through those scary moments that make us gasp for air.

Thank you Lord for saving this lady's life and for continuing to remind me to live every moment like it's my last. My heartfelt gratitude for your love, mercy and saving grace.

"Who delivered us from so great a death, and doth deliver: in whom we trust that he will yet deliver us."

2 Corinthians 1:10

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