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God has a Great...Sense of Humor!

There are several people that God have placed in my life one reason or another. This person, whom I will refer to as “Mama”, was placed in my life some time last year while she was visiting with us. Until now, we have remained friends.

Last week when I called to check on her, I sensed there was something unusual. The Lord placed a question in my heart to ask her, but I argued with God as usual. I told the Lord I could not ask her that question because I did not have the resources to fill that need.

Before we parted company, I prayed for her and included the question that the Lord had impressed me with. I prayed the Lord would supply her needs. As we all know, God has a VERY good sense of humor… I was the one sanctioned to supply that need. I said to God, “You will have to supply the resources, because I sure do

NOT have it.

We are struggling to pay our children’s college tuition and are playing catch-up from my husband been out of work for seven (7) months, so where am I going to get the funds to fill that need?”

I sensed the Lord was giving me this as a long-term project, so I told Him He has to prove this to me. I spoke with “Mama” on Wed/Thurs. On Sabbath morning, while checking my messages, one was from her stating she was awaiting Sabbath and hungry. I felt ashamed and tears filled my eyes because I was, once again, not being obedient.

Late Saturday night, I sent some funds to Mama. On Tuesday when I checked on her, she still had not received it. After checking her phone, she was eternally grateful for the gift and immediately got busy taking care of her hunger.

Here is the missing link. On Monday, when my husband got home, he announced that there was a check from the IRS in a large sum for over-paid taxes. I smiled and said, "Praise the Lord." On Wednesday, my husband again announced that there was a large check from the state for over-paid state taxes. Once again, I smiled and said, "Praise the Lord."

Then it struck me that God had answered my prayers, not once, but twice. I am awaiting the third, because He usually answers in threes. As the words of one of my favorite choruses say, “When I think of the goodness of Jesus and all He has done for me, my heart cried out, ‘Hallelujah’, thank God for saving me”.

"You will make your prayer to Him, He will hear you, And you will pay your vows." Job 22:27

- Contributed by VM

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