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God Never Spoke Directly To Me

This will come across as semi committed. It’s a start for me either way.  Most recently I’ve been engaging with two individuals (one who has know me for over a decade and the other for about three months) on writing techniques.

The subject that tweaked my curiosity was “When or How does God actually talk to you?” I still believe that God has never spoken directly to me

- and I stand by this statement. However, today I listened to a sermon that focused on Intercessory Prayer. Never really personalized the thought of intercessory and prayer until this morning. 

There was time in my life when I treated my mother horribly and directed mean insensitive comments her way. Afterwards, I had difficulty dealing with this emotionally. Taking this to God in prayer wasn't an option during this time because I wasn’t faithfully committed to God as I should have been. 

This morning I realized In my procession was a Bible given to me from someone whom I deem a true follower of the Lord days after my argument with my mother. Within another two  weeks, I also received two other bibles from individuals who didn’t know me personally from my workplace.

Only today, this very morning I came away with the thougth, someone - could have been my very own mother - was praying for me. I choose to interpret that God was speaking to me via these three individuals. Providing me a path to get closer to God. I can’t rightly say, Prayer saved my life. However, I can commit to praying for others, even unknowingly, is not only a good thing - but desperately needed. Peace

- Contributed by NS

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Fiona Harewood
Fiona Harewood

Thank you for sharing! Yes, I believe that God was speaking with you from way back then. And He still does now, especially given the fact that He made it plain today. That's an honor. That's how kind He is and He loves you very much. Think about the commadment: Honor thy father and thy mother that thy days may be long in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee. God is love!

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