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God Never Spoke Directly To Me

This will come across as semi committed. It’s a start for me either way.  Most recently I’ve been engaging with two individuals (one who has know me for over a decade and the other for about three months) on writing techniques.

The subject that tweaked my curiosity was “When or How does God actually talk to you?” I still believe that God has never spoken directly to me

- and I stand by this statement. However, today I listened to a sermon that focused on Intercessory Prayer. Never really personalized the thought of intercessory and prayer until this morning. 

There was time in my life when I treated my mother horribly and directed mean insensitive comments her way. Afterwards, I had difficulty dealing with this emotionally. Taking this to God in prayer wasn't an option during this time because I wasn’t faithfully committed to God as I should have been. 

This morning I realized In my procession was a Bible given to me from someone whom I deem a true follower of the Lord days after my argument with my mother. Within another two  weeks, I also received two other bibles from individuals who didn’t know me personally from my workplace.

Only today, this very morning I came away with the thougth, someone - could have been my very own mother - was praying for me. I choose to interpret that God was speaking to me via these three individuals. Providing me a path to get closer to God. I can’t rightly say, Prayer saved my life. However, I can commit to praying for others, even unknowingly, is not only a good thing - but desperately needed. Peace

- Contributed by NS

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