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Kettle On Fire!

Have you ever experienced a holiday miracle?

Yesterday, I was getting ready for work. I picked up my phone, watch, and purse then headed downstairs. I always put my watch on upstairs. I can't remember a time when I ever put my watch on anywhere else, but in my bedroom. I came downstairs and set my belongings on the table at the front door. I then went to the kitchen to get some tea. After adding my tea and pouring hot water in my cup, I left the kitchen, picked up my belongings from the table, and headed out for work.

I was about two blocks from home when I noticed that my watch wasn't on my wrist. I quickly looked in my purse, but I didn't see it there. I taught to myself, "This is the day I'll have to go without my watch." I had all intentions of going to work without my watch, but before I knew what was happening, I unconsciously made a u-turn and found myself driving back home.

I entered my house and looked down at the table in the entryway, but my watch wasn't on it. I started going upstairs to look in my bedroom. After taking three steps up the stairs, I heard a whistling, crackling sound. It stopped me dead in my tracks. I quickly went back downstairs toward the sound. It was a strange sound, but as I rushed towards the kitchen, I couldn't figure out what it was.

As soon as I entered the kitchen, I realized I had left the kettle on. The perplexing thing for me was that the burner was on full blast. I don't usually turn the burner on high under my pots. This is something I don't do because I don't like to the see the flames on the sides of my pot. I quickly turned off the stove. I then stared at the burned kettle trying to remember if I had forgotten to turn off the stove.

Did I turn it up, instead of turning it off? I was puzzled about what had happened. Did I accidentally turn the knob to the high setting with the edge of my coat as I was leaving the kitchen? I don't know for sure what happened, but seeing the partially burnt kettle on the stove, I started shouting... "Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus!"

I called my daughter to help me give God thanks. She was tied up, so I call my co-worker, to help me glorify God. I just needed help thanking God because He favored me. His miraculous and mighty act prevented me from being homeless. This is my holiday miracle. If I never get an other gift this season, I'm happy with this one! I'm so undeserving of His love, but because of His mercy and grace, I am happy. I'm very happy and I'm not homeless.

Since I usually work from 7am to 11pm, plus I spend almost 2 hours in traffic, I know I would've been away from home for almost 18 hours. There would be no house left if God didn't remind me of my watch and had me go back home. Thank you, JESUS CHRIST, THE GREAT I AM for favoring me. I love you, Lord Jesus. I really do with all my heart! THANK YOU for my holiday miracle.

"I will praise You, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will tell of all Your marvelous works." Psalms 9:1

- Submitted by HJ.

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Vivienne Morana
Vivienne Morana

Kettle on Fire! Only God can do that for His children. God stepped in when the enemy decided he was going to cause misery on one of His daughters. When we call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised, He will save us from our enemies (2 Samuel 22:4, emphasis). God is so faithful to His children! He will do ANYTHING to take care of us. Thnak you, GOD!

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