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Tasted Blood Instantly

A hard slap from the back of William’s hand penetrated my mouth and a part of my face. My head spun and I tasted blood instantly. Somehow, I ended up sprawled across the bed.

“Don’t you ever accuse me again, or you wouldn’t like the end result,” he threatened, storming out of the house. He slammed the door behind him. Dear God, please don’t let me lose this baby, I prayed.

I placed ice on my mouth to ease the swelling. The following day, I stayed home from work and didn’t visit my parents. William returned home early that morning, quickly dressed for work, and left again.

For more than a week after the incident, we lived in the same house, slept in the same bed, but said nothing to each

other. William appeared happy that we had a fight, taking that opportunity to get home later, or not at all. After eight days, I couldn’t keep up the charade. I’m either in this marriage or out.

- This riveting excerpt is from the high anticipated book - River Never Smooth - Reclaiming Power After Abuse - by Fiona Harewood which will be available soon.

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