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The Receipt That Returned

On Monday evening, I had to go shopping for supplies for a project that my students would be doing on Tuesday. This was one of those times, I knew I must hold onto my receipt for reimbursement, so I stuck it in one of the grocery bags after cashing out.

As I pushed the cart with goods out of the store, the wind grabbed the receipt and sent it flying across the busy parking lot. I exclaimed, “Oh no, I need my receipt.” For a few seconds, I contemplated what to do while pushing the cart to my car.

By the time the thought was over, I saw the receipt blowing back to me and landing approximately two feet from where I was standing. I immediately began yelling, “Look at my GOD!” A couple of people stared at me, but I did not care 😊. My receipt had returned!

Isaiah 65:24 became real to me, “And it shall come to pass, that before you call, I will answer; and while you are yet speaking, I will hear.”

- Submitted by VM

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