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TRUST the Process and TRUST God.

"I am an author. The children’s book I wrote is faith based and I prayed that God would put the right people into my path. I met my illustrator through Fiverr. She lives in Jamaica while I live in California. Turns out, she is a Christian as well. Little did I know, she was struggling with her faith.


When she started illustrating my

book, she was, without a doubt, getting attacked by the enemy. About half way through working on the book (which teaches kids about how God made us all different), she messaged me that she couldn’t go on anymore. I thought she meant with my book... but she meant with HER LIFE!

I was shook to the core and prayed hard for her. I talked to her for hours, days and weeks. She realized that she was being attacked and we prayed through it. This happened back in November. Today, she messaged me... she was baptized this morning and is on fire for God!

I truly believe God had our paths cross for a reason. If you are struggling with your book (OR LIFE) and feel like there are too many obstacles... Don’t Give Up! You ARE amazing and you CAN do this! TRUST the process and if you believe in God, PRAY!"

- Contributed by AS


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