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Walking With God

Yesterday, I found out that something I said hurt my sister's feelings, and vice-versa she said something to me that rub me the wrong way. I'm not the argumentative type so I told her that this conversation no longer benefits the both of us so let's just get off the call. I heard her in the background saying what, as the phone said click.

The Lord knows my heart and that I'm on a spiritual journey to understand how to be a better person. How to be more like God. If you are not helping me be a better me I can always love from a distance. With everything going on in the world we need to focus on things that matter in life and not the little things that don't matter or mean anything. God said to forgive 70x7 (490 times).

So what did I do this morning? I apologize to my sister.

I'm writing to apologize for the way I handle the call yesterday. I love you and I never want to hurt you in any way. I'm trying very hard to keep myself happy and continue my spiritual growth with God. So many things are happening to me that is hard for me to digest but I know that God has the master blueprint over our lives. I may be in the wilderness but it won't be forever.

Trouble doesn't last always. Siblings, family, and friends will have misunderstandings. But it's how we handle the conflict.

Does anyone else want to share their spiritual walk with GOD?

1 John 2:6 “The one who says he resides in God ought himself to walk just as Jesus walked.”

- Submitted by LB

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