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Which Category?

We knew we needed four new tires for our Honda Pilot to drive from Tennessee to Massachusetts on Sunday. So on Friday, my husband did a web search. He could not find any tire shop with an opening for Friday. We decided to pray and do a walk-in.

When we got to the tire shop, the mechanic, Kevin, told us his records are showing that he has the tires we needed, but that always means he does not. His response was funny and confusing to me, but I started praying silently. We needed four tires that were affordable.

Kevin stepped away from us for a few minutes to verify his inventory. He returned and told us about the three different categories he had in his inventory and different price ranges for the tires. "Which price range do you prefer?" He asked. "Which category?" There was one category that we could comfortably afford. Praise Be To God!

We chose our category and price range, then asked, "How long it will take to get the work done?" We wanted it done by 1 p.m. He told us about an hour and a half which would drop us at exactly 1 p.m. We agreed to have him change out our tires. While we waited, we walked laps in the store to pass the time away.

By 12:30 p.m., the job was done and we were ready to take our trip back home. What seem like an impossible task, God made possible. What started out as a stressful morning, God turned into a sweet day. That is the GOD we serve! Don’t mess with my GOD!

Matthew 19:26 reminds us...But Jesus looked at them and said to them, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

- Submitted by VM

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