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Who Moved the Prayer Box?

She calmly walked down the long hotel hallway. If I was not looking in her direction to begin with, I would have missed her. Her unassuming navy blue dress and pink scarf made her look regal. As I stood behind the concession table, I watched her approached a woman and after exchanging a few words, the woman shook her head and pointed in our direction.

She began walking towards us then stopped halfway to ask another woman a question. The woman also shook her head. The lady in navy blue and pink continued towards us and with a concerned voice asked, "Where is the prayer box?"

There were about four other women near me and we all looked at each other perplexed. One of ladies then asked, "Who moved the prayer box?" The prayer box was gone and no one knew where it was. The leader of the conference, who was near by, answered, "It is in conference room B because there is a session going on now." The lady in navy blue and pink looked deflated and barely whispered, "Oh, I had a prayer request I wanted to put in there." As I looked at the sadness in her eyes, the Spirit said to , "Pray with her."

Without hesitation, I asked "Can I pray with you." Her eyes brightened as she began walking over to me. We stepped to the side claiming a private spot, gently held hands, introduced ourselves, shared the burdens on our hearts, and then I began to pray. Although, there were people buzzling all around us, we were in a prayer bubble not really aware of the world outside. After we prayed, she gave me a big long hug and walked away with her shoulders lifted and a pep in her step.

Before getting out of my car that morning, I had prayed that God would used me to be a blessing. Someone had moved the prayer box so God could answer my prayer while also uplifting His other daughter in her moment of need. I smiled thinking I am happy they moved the prayer box. I am even happier that God not only answers prayers that are slipped into a box, but also hears our hearts and knows our needs before we utter them.

"And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear." Isaiah 65:24

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